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PRO Inflatable e-Boat (Made in EU)

Original price $16,129.00 - Original price $16,129.00
Original price
$16,129.00 - $16,129.00
Current price $16,129.00

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The new luxury inflatable mini yacht electric and solar concept with premium quality materials.

Prototype electric boat in the nautical artifact category that offers an ecological alternative oriented towards sustainable navigation, ideal for boat rental companies in premium locations.

A new sustainable way of sailing with maximum comfort and high-quality finishes. Its silent engine will allow you to enjoy calmly without disturbing the environment and you will be able to fly over the ocean with the pleasure of your company.

The price does not include the electric engine, and we can quote for the same based on the speed & battery life required. Electric motor is quite and is great option for watching sea life up close.

PRO offers unique profitable rental opportunity for rental companies and allows you to recover your investment fast.
  • These models are custom produced in EU.
  • Delivery 6-8 weeks from the date of order.


  • LENGTH: 4 m
  • WIDTH: 2 m
  • FRAME: Aluminium
  • HULL: 1.3 mm PVC
  • UPC: 803334003101
  • WEIGHT: 120 Kg
  • SPACE: 7 m2
  • OUTBOARD ELECTRIC ENGINE: Optional. Call @ 9808907440 or write at for electric motor quote
  • ASSEMBLY: 15 minutes
  • PERSONS: 4 Pax



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